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Canary Wharf

canary wharfCanary Wharf - Description

Canary Wharf is the new financial centre located in the East End of London. It is worth visiting this outstanding example of regeneration which provides a first class working, shopping and leisure environment. It is a showcase of many modern architectural styles set in the old docklands environment. There are two large upmarket shopping malls providing a wide variety of goods, and there are numerous bars and restaurants. The shops and most bars and restaurants are open seven days a week until late evening. The park, retail and leisure facilities above the new Canary Wharf Crossrail Station opened in May 2015.

The focal point of Canary Wharf is the tall white Canary Wharf Tower, this has 50 stories and stands 235 metres (770 feet) above ground level. It was the talles building in the Uk until The Shard surpassed it in 2010. Around Canary Wharf Tower are clustered other tall buildings mainly housing banking headquarters. The development provides abundant well kept green spaces and is surrounded by water with docks on three sides and the River Thames to the west.


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