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The O2 Dome/North Greenwich Arena

The O2 Arena / North Greenwich ArenaThe O2/North Greenwich Arena - Description:

The O2 (originally called the Millenium Dome) ia a 380 metre wide, 50 metre high fibreclass cupola supported by 12 yellow 110 metre steel masts.

The O2 houses exhibition space, a concert arena, an 11 screen multiplex cinema, a nightclub and restaurants and bars which are located on Entertainment Avenue and which are open 7 days a week.

The O2/North Greenwich Arena - The Olympic Games:

The O2 will host gymnastic and basketball events during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It has been renamed the North Greenwich Arena for the duration of the games. This is in order not to offend the sensibilities of Olympic Games sponsor British Telecommunications which is a competitor to mobile phone company O2 after which the Arena is normally branded.

The O2/North Greenwich Arena - IndigO2:

The O2/North Greenwich Arena - The British Music Experience:

climbing the O2 domeThe O2/North Greenwich Arena - Up at the O2 Climbing the O2 Dome:

The O2/North Greenwich Arena - Getting There: